For us (Carlos and Guille), who are runners, it was and still is the most important thing, to get socks that do not rub, do not cause blisters, wounds or chafing and avoid as much as possible the dreaded black nails, in addition to last over time and resist the cane that we give them.

And all this and more was what we kept in mind when we made our socks. And we have succeeded !

Today I want to talk about LA CAÑA. We chose MERYL as a material with amazing characteristics for extreme races, let me tell you about it:

– Bacteriostatic fiber
– Fast drying
– Semi – Compression to promote circulation and delay fatigue
– High durability over time (does not make pellets)
– Super resistant to snagging (for those of us who like trail riding)
– Perfect fit to each leg
– Achilles heel reinforcement
– and why not to say it … allows fluorine colors and we love fluorine.
Design is important but … much more important that they have the latest technology to give us comfort in our training and racing.