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As you all know, we try and test all products in the field and one of the ones we like the most are the MOIXENT mountains. Pure Trail and pure air in a charming village.

This past weekend we have “tracked” a TRAIL circuit of 15km and 860+ in MOIXENT (Valencia) that leave you shaking your legs and we want to invite you all to try this TRACK.

And we have also thought that we can make it more fun if we raffle and give away some gifts 😀😀😀😀😀 among those who dare to discover this route.


It is very, very simple:

To participate in this SWEEPSTAKES / CONTEST you only have to:

  • Follow @kamuabusports on social networks(Facebook and Instagram)
  • Follow TACON 3.0 Shoe Repair (here)
  • And the most important! Join the KAMUABU club in STRAVA (we are already 200!)

The route we recommend you have it in WIKILOC(HERE) and it is also a Strava segment (the complete track), so when you do it, only the time you have done will be uploaded.


Leaving from the Plaza Mayor of Moixent in a few hundred meters we go directly to the path of the shade which will take us uphill to Camp Redó at km 2.5.

Surrounded by mountains, pines, holm oaks, we walk a kilometer until we take a path on our left that after a few meters becomes what is probably the most spectacular path of the route; known as “The path of vertigo”, for just over 1km we crested the mountain with brutal landscapes of the entire valley of the river Cànyoles and the town of Moixent.

At the end of it we reach the antennas of the Pedregal mountain, from here we take a path downhill to the house of Camp Redó where we follow the path until we reach km 7 where we take a path that later will begin a steep descent through the high Remongil with majestic views of one of the most emblematic places of Moixent.

El Bosquet, a dam built in the 17th century to supply the population.

After the descent at km 9, the dreaded climb of the sunny Peres Peres awaits us, a wall of more than 200m of elevation gain in just 1km of travel, a climb of those who catch the legs and puts us each in place.

At the top we have a few hundred meters of cresting through what is known as the Sierra de la Atalaia with views on both sides of it, enjoying both the valley of the Cányoles and the fields and typical farmhouses of the area.

We highlight two of them, Casa Candeal and Casa Pitxó, which are closer and more visible from our point of view.

Arriving at km 11 we face a very vertical but at the same time fast descent where you can enjoy until you reach the next climb, this one of just a few hundred meters, where at the end of it we begin a very fun descent and easy terrain where to squeeze these last kilometers, being able to appreciate in much of the descent the imposing Moorish tower known as Torre dels Coloms and the remains of the adjacent castle and the cave of Father Moreno.

Once we reach the Bosquet ravine we will have the last test of fire for our legs, a few hundred meters long but with more than 50 meters of ascent for our already battered legs.

Arrived at the top we are greeted by the magnificent Coloms tower with the imposing flag of our Community on top, from it we admire incomparable views of the whole town, from Mount Calvary to the ravine of the Hoz and Boquella.

Now we just have to enjoy the descent down a flight of stairs to get back to the town square, the beginning and end point of our magnificent adventure through a very small part of this beautiful town that is Moixent.

Land of history, culture, traditions, nature, its own gastronomy… a place to get lost, and at the same time a place to find oneself.

Moixent has given us life.

What are you waiting for to come and discover what we have prepared for you?


Since we want to make it fun (it’s not a competition, it’s not a race), we thought we’d offer you some prizes/gifts:

  • 1 running t-shirt of your choice from our website, for the most original photo.
  • 1 pair of running pants to choose from our website, for the funniest photo.
  • 6 more pairs of socks between all of you who would like to go through the track and complete it (we will see it on strava).
  • 1 resolved of a pair of shoes, in TACON 3.0 between all of you who want to go through the track and complete it (we will see it in strava)
  • 1 complete KAMUABU kit (T-shirt + pants) for all those who have lunch at Esther’s Tavern and say they are going on behalf of KAMUABU.

To send the photos you can do it by INSTAGRAM tagging @kamuabusports in your publication or on FACEBOOK doing the same.