The first time I did a race of more than 30km in the mountains, I ended up with destroyed feet ….. With wounds and rubbing. I bought expensive socks, and very expensive and the problem was largely solved, rather than changing shoes, so when it came to creating our socks the idea was very clear. The design should be cool, but they should be comfortable. Obliged ?

This is where Coolmax ®️ comes in. A cottony-feeling compound with extra support in toe, metatarsal, heel and Achilles tendon. Fast drying and super efficient evacuation of heat and perspiration.

This is why we have not made the whole sock from the same compound. We have chosen the combination of Meryl in the upper and Coolmax in the sole. And not in random %… But in a studied and tested way, we have managed to do the MiM (60km and 3000+) without a single friction ✔️

Invest in socks rather than replacing your footwear. It will be much more economical and much more effective !!!!